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Excited to take this journey with you, we are certain you will grow and scale your business.

Congratulations on taking the steps that will enable you to reach new sales figures.

Strategy workshop is based on our tried-and-tested structure planning framework.

The goal is to analyze, audit and structure a proven framework, that will enable your ads to be highly convertible.



Step 0. Audit and Analysis of Current State

  • SWOT analysis
  • A quick analyis and summary of current use of digital marketing and available materials
  • Multi-Channel Marketing Maturity Index

Step 1. Define the Opportunity

Review the opportunities available in the digital marketplace by reviewing target customers, offers potential, your current magnetic hooks and hidden opportunites.

1 – Your Target Offer Mappinng

2 – Target Audience

3 – Target Magnetic Hooks and Competitive Advantages

4 – Hidden Opportunities

Step 2. Create Strategy

The strategy defines which digital marketing activities you will prioritise to compete.

Key strategic analysis tools to create and summarise your strategy include:

  • Digital vision summary
  • Aligning objectives and goals with strategies
  • Strategy formulation and prioritisation matrix
  1. Identify and prioritizeyour target audience
  2. Created a compelling offer for your target audience
  3. Select the platforms that you will use to market your compelling offer


Step 3. Content Audit and Strategy

  • A guide to finding content ideas that will atract and convert your customers
  • Choose the social networks and content types you need to focus on.
  • Brief structure of a weekly / monthly content strategy


Step 4. Take Action

Managing tasks to implement your strategies. Key planning and review tools include:

  • Strategic advertising roadmap
  • The Sales Game: Mapping out your Automated Lead Gen and Sales Funnel
  • Activities Roadmap Phases and Calendar


At the end of this session we will have a complete overview of your business, a strategic roadmap and action plan set up for success.

You will get an overview of complete Strategy Workshop, containing our feedback and suggestions.